Rad Grade

Ready to rock your business & get more clients?

This page is the right place for rad coaches, experts, consultants, educators, fitness trainers, and the rest of the business owners who want to stop spinning on a hamster wheel by selling their hours for not enough money.

It's time you quit wasting your time on all of the garbage that the marketing gurus are pushing on you!


business success!

There are a few things you have to start doing if your mind is set on getting more clients in, making more revenue, working the same or even fewer hours than now & living the good life with the work you’re truly passionate about.

To make the impact you always wanted to with your work:


Start communicating about what you do in a way that makes sense for people and pulls in more clients (communication is the key - not only in the relationships).


Discover who you can help the most, why & how (exactly)? (You'll never please everyone and their mothers! #fact)


Understand that number of followers on socials doesn't mean shit for business success, but that doesn't mean you can't use it as a powerful magnet for your ideal clients.


Learn how to increase your revenue by creating suitable packages & set-ups without sacrificing the quality of your work or your free time.


Learn how to secure steady revenue by turning your services into digital products (you know, create it once, sell it forever)


Start promoting your services on the internet (the right & authentic way)


Start actually selling stuff - not to your friends and family members (the way it doesn't sound sleazy or is totally out of your character)


Create content that people want to consume and, through it, they start trusting your services.

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If you are really willing to do better with your business and put in an effort, after this program, you’ll have the entire system for rocking your marketing and getting new clients set up.

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Hi, I'm Maja

After almost ten years of working in the digital marketing space, I’ve finally launched my biz.

I help coaches, experts, consultants, educators, fitness trainers, and similar solo business owners who want to stop spinning on a hamster wheel by selling their hours for not enough money.

Listen, I get it. You are probably overwhelmed by the amount of information on promoting your work and getting new clients, resulting in you being frustrated and not doing much action. Am I right?

Honestly, I think you need clarity, renewed focus, and a system that SUITS your business model and that you CAN actually follow.

And that is precisely why I’ve created RAD GRADE.

Let’s connect – you got nothing to lose.

This is

my mission

I want to help frustrated business owners who have bought too many tools, seen too many webinars and read too many e-books but still don’t know how to get more clients in or charge more for the services they are passionate about.

You can shine and thrive – together we’ll figure it out how.

That much I can promise you.